Comenius project 2013 -2015 “Travelling Across Europe Through History”. An European history book by and for young people.


Just 40 years ago a “European History Book” for schools was published in various European countries. It was an attempt to teach young people a multi-perspective view of European history. Today it has been nearly forgotten. Our mentioned project is the attempt to seize this idea.

Particular request of this project is that the students from seven participating countries at the age of 15 to 19 years get to know and understand national history in context with European history as well as Europe in context of the national history and national reality.  Since media changed enormously for the last 40 years a “Virtual European History Book” can be used by many students in a very different way today to support this historical project.

The reading book will be a compilation of different kinds of results e.g.  short videos, collages, small articles. With our project we want to bring more focus on Europe in schools. By teaching the young people the importance of tangible historical and also cultural heritage we follow and furthermore want to research the simple idea that “Communities – at least Europe – that do not have history won’t have the future.”

1 Response to Comenius project 2013 -2015 “Travelling Across Europe Through History”. An European history book by and for young people.

  1. Petra says:

    I think the idea of student’s from different countries writing an european history book together is great. Because I think you learn more about other countries cultural and traditions when you get actual habitants and discuss. At least was my experience of travelling to Spain and live in a host family very intructive because I could see both similarities and differences between my regular life in Sweden and their life in Spain. It got easier to understand that we are really much the same even though we live in differents parts of Europe. The work inside school was on the contrary a bit difficult when there where such a big cultural meeting with so much students from differnt countries and everyone was always speeking in their on languages. But over all was the trip really great and it’s something I like to do again sometime.

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