Contests and results



The tricision “Logo for Digital History Book” is over. The best idea was:

                                                       – logo 11 (97 votes)

COMENIUS2Thank you for everyone who participated in designing as well as voting for the logo for our project!


Please vote for the proposals at:


These are a few proposals for a logo for our Comenius Project made by the students from Liceo Augusto, Rome.


These are the shortlisted logos designed by students from Tallinn School  No 21:

Kristo Ojasaar_travellingacross_368Liisa Kirss_logo_396Dennis  Šulga_Megalogo_Šulga_10A2_382Triinu Erik_10A Triinu Erik Logo_379Elina Lainelo_Logo_Lainelo_10A_386

Logos from Málaga



A logo from Krakow


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