Meeting in Malaga

The meeting in Malaga took place on 25 – 28 March, 2014

It was conducted according to the following programme:

Programme for meeting in Malaga

Welcoming greetings by the headmaster of the school

Welcoming greetings by the headmaster of the school

The first day was filled with presentations prepared by project team students:

The second day took us about 135 km out of Malaga. Defying the rather chilly weather we thoroughly enjoyed the visit to Granada and its most prominent sight Alahambra. It was a day full of history and friendship.

The remaining days were all about working hard together in workshops – creating new chapters for the history book and quizzes.

Students from Rome: reports

Martina Montanari

My experience in Malaga was fantastic: I was very lucky because the girl who hosted me, Angela, was very kind and friendly. Her parents were available and they treated me like their daughter: one night Isabella, Angela’s mum, cooked a typical Spanish dinner for me and my friends (we spent a great evening all together. The town is nice and small. It is by the sea in fact we went to the beach with all the guys. The Spanish girls showed us the most important monuments in Malaga. In particular we visited Picasso’s museum. I started to talk with all the Comenius’s guys immediately, in particular with the Polish French and Swedish. I liked to work with the guys from the other countries and participating in this Comenius project was amazing. In general I consider this a great opportunity that my school gave me. I had the possibility to improve my English and to meet fantastic people.

Martina montanari          martina Monatnari1

Mattia Costumato

At the end of March I was in Malaga for the Comenius Project and it was one of the most amazing experience in my life. I lived for 4 days in a Spanish family and all of them were so kind and hospitable with me. In the morning, we were at school with all of the people from different countries working and discussing about the Comenius Project main themes. On Tuesday each Country presented their work to the rest of the group and after lunch we went to the center of Malaga to visit the most important sights such as the Picasso’s Museum or some churches and cathedrals. On Wednesday we visited Granada, a beautiful city, and its main attraction: the Alhambra. On Thursday, at school, we mixed into groups of students from different countries and worked together for the final presentation. On Friday morning we meet all together at school to deliver the final presentation and we also played two quizzes about the main themes of the Comenius Project. Later, with rivers of tears, we said goodbye, leaving this beautiful city.

luca cipollini  beatrice petrella 2

Luca Cipollini

I was in Malaga for a Comenius’s project. I met new people from many countries, all of them were very kind with me. My host family was extremely nice, they tried to let me feel like a real member of the family: they cooked some typical Spanish dishes only for me, they fit themselves to my needs like. Incarni, Maria’s mum, told me I now have a second family in Spain. The most amazing visit was in Granada when we saw “Alhambra”, a big Arabic castle with a beautiful garden. In the school we presented our work and we listened other guys while they presented theirs to compare our points of view and to learn something. In general I spent beautiful time in Malaga, it’s was a very good “working holiday”.

Flavia Chiavelli

I loved my experience with the Comenius Project in Malaga. Everything about it made me feel comfortable and welcome. The family I was with was really lovely and I absolutely adored Cristina, the girl who hosted me. Even though her parents didn’t speak English, it was easy for me to understand them because the Italian language and the Spanish one are very similar. The city was awesome even though it was kind of small. It had many attractions that I liked such as the Picasso Museum and the famous cathedral of Malaga. We also spent some time at the beach of “Malagueta” which was really gorgeous and fun. The students involved in the project were really nice and welcoming. It was a great way of meeting new and fun people that came from different places in Europe.flavia chiavelli    beatrice Petrella


Beatrice Petrella
My experience in Malaga was awesome and my host family was the portrait of kindness. They treated me like one of their daughters. Luckily my host Rocio and I got along well from the first moment we met. Now we’re very close and I feel I have a Spanish sister and a second family. While we were working on the project I got the chance to meet new people from France, Sweden, Poland and Estonia.
We visited Malaga, which is very small and nice and plus it’s by the seaside. One of my favourite day was when we went to Granada and we visited the Alhambra, where I took a lot of pictures. I’m glad that my school gave me this opportunity to meet new people and improve my English.

Students from Málaga:

Lara Barani

I think Comenius Week in Málaga has been very good because we met many teenagers of other nationalities and we have spent much time together, we have improved our English and have taught our city to the other.

Nuria Sola Rubio

Participating in this project has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve talked to people from all the nationalities and I’ve learnt a lot of things about different countries. I’ve had the oppotunitty to practise several languages, not only English. My ability to comunicate with people in English has increased due to this project. I’ve met a lot of people and I get on well with them.
Definitely, this project only brings good things for all of us. This is an unforgeteable experience for me and I’m very grateful to have been able to live this experience

Tamara Gómez

I have hosted a girl called Tonie in the Comenius Project on March and it has been amazing. She has been like a member of my family and we had so much fun. I made a lot of new friends from different countries! I will never forget this week and I can’t wait to see all my friends again !!

Miguel Romero

I was looking forward their arrival. When they arrived I was very happy because I could see again, teachers and students who I met in Paris and I knew new people too.
I could show them my city, our culture, history and people. We enjoyed a lot and we lived a memories which we will remind in the future.

Carlos Gray

It was a fantastic week, I think that is one of the most wonderful experiences that a student can have.
We spoke English all time, I think that is the best way to learn english.
We showed Malaga and Granada to our guest, and they loved it.
In conclusion  it was a fantastic experience and I think that everyone would repeat it

Students from Estonia:IMG_0634

Kaisa Potisepp:

The trip to Malaga for the Comenius project was very fun and interesting and gave me the opportunity to meet young peole from other countries and to learn about different cultures, especially Spanish.Our hosts were very warm and welcoming. They had prepared for our visit and made us feel like home. It was very interesting to live with a family from another country for a week. I got to practise my English and I also learned some basic Spanish, so at the end of the week I could even understand some of the things my host family was speaking with each other!

Everything else was organized well also. I think that our presentations and teamwork for the Comenius project went very well and the result was pretty good. I also liked the trip to Granada. It was exciting to see the history of Spain!

In conclusion, I would say that the Comenius project was an amazing experience, which I will remember forever and I am very thankful for the opportunity


Helena Eharand:

The week I spent in Malaga was really great and taught me many things.

First, I hadn’t never communicated in English so much. It gave me a good English practice and I found out how well I can manage in need of using only English. I was able to use even a little bit of Spanish that I had already learned.
I think it’s not necessary to mention that the weather of Spain enchanted me as a Northerner. As a city, Malaga is wonderful because it isn’t too big but there were still many places to discover. The people of Spain were a very nice change because of their hospitality,kindness and joviality.
I had never been in a host family before but now I really would suggest it to everybody who have had thoughts about attending in this kind of project. It gives you more independence and at the same time puts your adaptability to test.
But after all, I didn’t meet only Spanish people. Thanks to Comenius project I had a chance to meet youngsters from other nationalities too. I could learn about cultural differences and more accurately about migration, religion, men and women in these countries. I even have to admit that when we were preparing presentation I learned some things about Estonia also.
Thanks to this wonderful experience I now can say that I have friends all over Europe. I would really like to thank everybody who made this project possible and also suggest it to all doubters.

Mia Moore:IMG_0708

Being able to go to Spain, because of the Comenius project, was a wonderful experience. Not only did I get to see the Spanish way of life and culture, I left Spain with many new friends from all over Europe.
When we arrived to Malaga, Spain, the host families came to meet us. My family was immediately welcoming, not to mention extremely polite. Even the other host families introduced themselves to me and gave me kisses on both cheeks. I believe that Spanish people are the friendliest people. My host`s parents did not know how to speak English, which is why I could only communicate with my host.
During our time in Malaga we had to attend the local school. It was suprisingly fun and interesting. We were put into groups of four and each group had a different presentation to make. The task was to communicate with the students from other countries. Everything worked out well and there were no serious problems with understanding and communicating. We also presented our powerpoint presentations to the other countries. These social assignments helped us bond with the other students from other countries and improved our social skills.
There were some beautiful sights to see and places to go in Malaga alone, but we also went to Granada. I had a fantastic time there as well. The whole experience made that trip by far the best trip of my life. Not day goes by where I dont miss my host family and Malaga itself.


Students from Krakow:


Aneta Kmieć
I was in Malaga for only one week but it was one of the most magnificent experiences in my life. In this beautiful city I met special people. The family who hosted me was so nice and hospitable, that mostly thanks to them I felt like in my own home. Also other Comenius students from other countries were really friendly, so working with them was a pleasure for me. Hanging out together we had a lot of fun and I think we became really good mates. When we went sightseeing we saw many georgous and important places in Malaga. We also vwent to the beautiful beach, where we could relax and get carried away by the beauty of the place. But really amazing was the trip to Granada and visiting Alhambra. I was impressed by these sites. I’m very happy that I could go there and experience all these wonderful things. All the time I spent in Spain was truly specialand I hope that I’ll come back there one day.

Mikołaj Wisniewski
Visiting Malaga was great. I spend some wonderfult time and met a lot of amazing people from diffrent countries. My host family were very nice and kind to me, I was feeling like a member of their family.Malaga is a very beautiful city, I especially liked its centre, which looks great at night, and of course the beach with lovely view of the sea. We also saw another city in Spain during Comenius Project. It was Granada, where we visited Alhambra, a gorgeous Arabic castle. It was a little bit cold there, but it was really worth seeing. People I met there were awesome and we had a lot of fun together. I was very sad that we had to leave Malaga. I’m very happy that I had an opporunity to take part in this project.

Maciej Celewski
From 22nd to 29th March our group of Polish students were in Spain, Malaga. I’m going to write something about the host family where I stayed.
After our arrival to the teacher’s hotel we were waiting for our host students. My host student was Javier and I stayed with his mother, father and elder brother in their flat. They also have a calm and quiet dog.
I felt very welcomed and involved by the host family. The family made me feel comfortable, fed and relaxed. Javier’s mum was the most talkative person, even though we didn’t understand each other very well. She took care of me like her own child and when I had to leave she gave me splendid gifts for all my family. What’s more – most of them were handmade gifts – especially jewellery, which looked like bought from a shop. My mum and sister were delighted. Thanks to her I’ve learned some Spanish phrases as well, for example “La comida es deliciosa” which means that food is delicious. I also talked with Javier’s brother and father: about my hobby and my favourite food – I’ve even tried sea food for the first time. I think mussels (clams) are the best thing I’ve ever eaten.
I enjoyed my time spent in Malaga and I can’t wait to see my friends next time.

Maksymilian Czernecki

Three of my friends, Aneta, Mikołaj and Maciej, and I were in Malaga in Spain, between 22nd and 29th March. And it was awesome.
First of all, the people. They were really friendly and nice for us. I met a lot of them and liked probably everyone. Especially I liked Maria, who was my host. She helped me when some evil employees at the airport in Munich had lost my luggage. She was also impressed by my ability to speak fluently (almost) in English. I can’t wait to host her in my house.
Secondly, the food. It was probably the best thing ever for me. They have octopus and everything.
I could taste churros and many other superb things.
The last thing I’m gonna write about is the wonderful scenery of this magnificent city called Malaga. You cannot compare this city by night to any other city in the whole world. Palms, churros, black sea in front of you and a big glass cube behind you is everything you need. Oh maybe it is what I need. Never mind. I loved the architecture, it is so different than ours in Poland, I loved the sea, and many other things. One day I’ll live there, I’m sure about it.
Generally I enjoyed, and even more, I loved being there and it was really hard for me to go back to Poland, to all these sad and miserable people in here. But this fourth week of March was one of best times in my life.


The Polish team has also recorded a special Malaga episode for our school TV – XILO TV

Enjoy watching it:


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