Project activities

The virtual history book “Travelling Across Europe Through History” will be compiled through 7-session teamwork. The book will consit of 14 chapters, 2 of which will be completed at each seperate international meeting.

Before each international session the students from partnership schools will research the 2 topics in order to prepare their video or PP presentation. They choose 1-3 buildings which can still be seen as history witnesses in each city to be the starting point for the research and go back as far as it is  necessary for each city/ country to prepare their input for the chapter.

During the international meeting teams first present their reseach outcome and then continue to work in 4 groups in order to organize the chapter and write an introduction and conclusion for it.

Topic plan for the meetings:



Topics / subjects

23-26 Oct/2013 Berlin       Teachers’ meeting, detailed project plan  
2-6 Dec 2013 Paris A)    Revolution or Domination and Liberation release (liberation movement and resistance movement)
B)    Amusement
25-28 March Malaga A)    Diversity of cultures and religions + Migration
B)    Men and women
13-16 May/2014    Tallinn A)    Trade and Economy
B)    Generation of ‘68
7-10 Oct 2014 Rome A)    Discovering  the world  or Development of the  area/region/space
B)    Democracy and politically motivated  assassinations
2-5 Dec 2014 Berlin A)    Europe in times of war/ Experiences of war and desire for peace
B)    Special topic 2014: The centenary of the beginning of the First World War.
3-6 March 2015   Krakow A)    Sciences – Discoveries and inventions
B)    Dominated people
06 (05)/2015    Stockholm A)   Urban development
B)   Social Welfare function


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