Meeting in Krakow

The meeting in Krakow was held on 2- 6 March, 2015. This time the delegations arrived with thorough research into 2 topics – propaganda and discoveries.

provisional programme

In addition to traditional presentations, workshops and city tours, the programme also included visits to Ausswitz and the Schindler Museum.

Welcome at school:

Time for presentations:

Tours at school and in the city:


Visits to Ausswitz and the Shindler Museum:

Time for workshops (both for students and teachers)

 Students’ reflections:

Kristel Jakobson from Tallinn:

IMG_0421The trip to Poland, Krakow was amazing. Hosts and students connected to the project were kind, helpful and made our stay in Krakow unforgettable. I specially loved the tours around the old town and to the Schindler museum. When before going to Krakow I knew the people there to be friendly, the visit convinced me one hundred percent in their reliability and sweetness. I will say though that the “host-system” was a little exaggerated meaning I would’ve loved a little more time alone. Krakow is big, but it’s not too big not to be handled. Thanks to the Comenius project we now know people across the Europe and my dear people in Poland will forever stay with me.

María San Martín from Málaga:

DSC01556I was really nervous about the trip to Cracow. It’s been the first I’ve been so away from Spain and, also, the first time I was hosted by a family I didn’t knew.
When I met the family I found they were really friendly and kind with me. They are really nice people.
Working on the jobs about the topics with people from other countries it’s been really interesting.
The places we’ve visited were wonderful. I think the most interesting place we’ve is Austchwith. It was really hard to see but I think it’s a place everyone should visit.
I’ve found this trip really interesting and I’ve met really nice people.
I’ve had a great time in Cracow and I’d love to return in the future.

Javier Villalobos from Málaga:

The first week of march, I was in Krakow. My stay in Krakow was very comfortable and very interesting. I met a lot of people of different countries of Europe and I spent a lot of time with polish students. Sincerely, I think that Krakow is very different in comparison with Malaga because I think polish people had other point of vieDSC01563w of life. Krakow is a very interesting city because it has an important history and it has a lot of beautiful monuments. I think the countries of the north have other lifestyle, because of the climate. The climate is very moist and cold and it affect to his timetable and how they spend his free time. I prefer the lifestyle in Malaga. This trip has been very important for me because it has been my first trip and I have visited Auschwitz that it has been a place very significant for me because it make me felt something I never felt.

I think this project is very interesting and it give you the opportunity to meet new people and practise english language.

María Rivera from Málaga:

Hello, my name is María Rivera and I´m going to talk about my Comenius experience. I DSC01565travelled to Poland, Cracow and it was a really good trip. I stayed there with a polish family and I could learn all their costums. On my point of view life is really different there, the weather is very cold, more than we can imagine as well as food, the have more energetic meals because of the weather and also the social relationships are different, they are more reserved than spanish people but I think is because of the weather, they are inside their houses almost always because they haven´t got conditions to stay outside, so they are less friendly as we are, but in contrast to they have a truly big houses where they have fun and stay with friends.
Even more, we have visited the centre of Cracow, the salt mines, Auschwitz… And all these sightseeings were amazing and they were totally different as we are accustomed.
In my opinion, there was a fantastic trip which I could learn a lot of things so I recommend you that if you have an experience like this you wont waste it.

Elena La Marca from Rome

I had never visited Krakow before, so I found the city nice and interesting. Living with a family for five days gave me the opportunity to discover their traditions, habits and foods I would never have known. I really felt at home. I lived as Polish people do and saw time museums, monuments, churches and the extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau. This experience changed me a lot. Besides, I met boys and girls from almost all over Europe: we compared our own knowledge and studies about the depiction of the enemy and propaganda, founding the differences and similarities among the countries. I met wonderful people, studied their points of view in depth, improved my English and learned more about history. To me this trip meant a step closer in the awareness of being a European citizen, so it was very important.

elena la marca

Elettra from Rome

It was my first time in Krakow and it was also the first time I travelled without my family. At the beginning I was a little bit scared because I knew no one, but Kasia and Patryk (my two polish friends) were very kind and friendly. I felt so comfortable thanks to them! I’ve tried so many different dishes and experience a different way of living and I’m glad for that. I made lots of new experiences and I think that Krakow is a very beautiful city. We also visited Auschwitz and it was a very intense emotional experience to me, then we went also to the Schindler’s factory! I think that 5 days weren’t enough, and I’d love to spend many and many days with my guest, whom I thank for having made my trip more enjoyable.


Elena Amadei from Rome

Being in Cracow was a fantastic experience for me. I met a lot of nice and polite Polish guys, in particular my host Lena with whom I made an amazing friendship. Thanking to this trip I’ve learned lots of things about the countries the students from which were participating in the project. It was a really interesting experience. In particular the visit to Auschwitz strongly struck me and directly seeing what the persecution was about made all the difference. Finally spending time with so many EU students has helped me understand what being part of the European Union really means.

Lorenzo Maria Casale from Rome

I spent a fantastic week in Krakow. I think Krakow is a wonderful city. I liked it so much; I think that the main square is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life. The trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau were very important for my personal development and I realized how horrible the Nazis behaviour was. I spent some very nice time with my host and his family. I think they are fantastic people, I felt like a member of that family. The school is a very beautiful one, I liked the importance they give to military preparation. I’m very happy also because I met other people from other countries and other cultures. I made friends with people from 6 countries and I’m proud of having known these people. Here’s a picture of me with my Polish host.

lorenzo casale



Fredrika Synnemar from Stockholm
Our stay on Krakow, Poland, in the beginning of March, turned out to be a trip that I probably never will forget. To go to a place you usually would not go to during the holidays made it even more interesting. To see the school and town, of a place you barley knew anything about before were truly amazing. All the polish kids were kind and helpful. I think it was really good how they had organized activities outside school with all the kids, such as the bowling! But also the other trips, such as the tour of the town, and the trip to Auschwitz where something I will never ever forget. We ended up connecting really good with some other students from the other countries. Over all the trip was really great!

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