Meeting in Rome

The fourth full-team project conference was held in Rome from 5th to 10th October 2014 according to the following programme:
Rome conference programme

The presentations were followed by workshops and tours

The Comenius students and teachers in Rome:

Students from Málaga:

 Nuria Sola Rubio:

Beeing in Rome has bee one of the most amazing trip of my life. The host family was very kind with me all the week and they IMG_6333made me feel like at home. They were very polite and they cooked delicious plates. I’m very grateful. I had never been in Rome before and I discovered a beautiful city with a special atmosphere. People are very friendly like in Spain, the language is beautiful and I learnt some italian words, the food is fantastic; pasta was the best I’ve ever tried. In that week I had the opportunity to meet a lot of peolple from different countries and this makes that Comenius Proyect has a lot of variety of cultures. I talked to everybody and I met nice people that I miss now. All of italian students were very friendly with us. I definitly fell in love with Rome and I’m sure that I’ll come back again. Comenius Proyect is an opportunity that I’d love to repeat. I take with me very good moments and wonderful people. IMG_6296 IMG_6417

Rocío Cueto Solero:

I’ll start with the conclusion: it was definitely the best trip I’ve never done!
We were lucky because the weather was good so it made we could visit everything we wanted to in those days.
But I think Rome is big so it is necessary to spend a lot of days to see everything of the city.
People were so friendly and honest. We made very good friends there.Roma
One of the best things was seeing people from other countries who we met in Málaga and meeting new people, off course!
It was a fantastic opportunity to learn English, to learn about other countries, to visit Rome, to meet people, to try really good food, etc…
I am so thankful about the experience. I wish I could see everyone again!

 Students from Tallinn: IMG_4036

Cassandra Krass:

I got the amazing opportunity to visit Rome due to my participation in the Comenius project. There I had to present my powerpoint about the political murders in Estonia and compile our findings with the students from other countries.
We arrived on 5 october which was a day before the other delegations. On the first day we got settled in our host homes and got to know our host families. I lived quite far from the center in a nice and quiet area of Rome. In the morning we would take a bus and a metrotrain to get to the school.
During the first two days we would just walk around Rome with the other Estonians and go sightseeing. I really enjoyed it because the city is ancient an has a lot to offer in terms of history and architecture. I loved walking around the little streets in the centre. By far the most memorable visit was to the Pantheon. We had a great tour guide and having heard already so much about this sight over the years it was great to finally see it myself.
Tuesday was the first project day when all the countries participating in the project had to present their powerpoints. The subjects of the Rome conference were political murders and city planning. After every country had had a chance to present the information they had gathered all of the students were divided to groups based on the subject of their presentation. Rest of the day was spent compiling and comparing the data. The working language in the project was English so I got to practise speaking it a lot during that week. Luckily most of the students in the project could speak it easily so communication wasn’t a big problem.
During the evenings we usually had planned activities with the rest of the comenius project. We would go see many historical sights like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Vatican City. Often the students of the school in which the conference took place in were our tour guides. Activities with the rest of the comenius project students usually ended around half past five in the evening. Then our hosts picked us up and usually we spent the evening with them or met again later with our fellow students and spent the evening with them.
On Friday we had to present our work. Both teams managed to come to some conclusions and had put together a new powerpoint and created a quiz based on the material they had worked with. It was interesting to meet and work with people from other countries. I got to practice speaking English and working in a multicultural team.
The Estonian delegation left Rome on 11 October happy and grateful for the opportunity which had enabled us to visit this ancient city and meet with students from other countries and cultures.

Rauno Liivand: IMG_4876

Rome is a beautiful city with great history and architecture,but trying to see everything Rome has to offer is hard if you are staying there only for 1 week. I went to Rome with the help of the Comenius Project. New friends were made and my relationship with old friends grew stronger. The trip to Rome was one of those trips that will be remembered for years. That kind of a trip where in the end you sit at the airport and feel sad and happy at the same time. You are happy to get home but feel like you are losing a part of yourself ,that was made in 1 week. You get home and the only thought in your mind is “I wonder what my host, the boy from France, that Polish girl are doing?” Then you understand that it was a good trip if you are feeling sad at the end. That’s how I felt in the end. Sad that we had to go back to our normal lives, but as Dr.Seuss quotes: “Don’t cry that it’s over,be happy that it happened!”. In the end I feel grateful and happy that I got to be part of the Comenius Project and I can’t stop to wonder and hope that 1 day, I’ll go back to Rome and see all of my friends I during that 1 week and we would create new memories that will once again, last us a lifetime.

Students from Kraków

 DSC01729DSC01728  DSC01827 DSC01917

Sławomir Bychawski

I had the time of my life in Rome – thank you Lorenzo and all Roman hosts! My host family was incredibly hospitable. I loved Italian food! Lorenzo’s mother planned our meals in a way that I could experienc Italian quisine most.Rome is a cradle of European culture, so I tried to see as much as possible and remember as much as possible.  I was impressed by our guides – the students of our host school. They did not recite what they’d learned by heart but they were really fascinated by and incresibly knowledgeable in history and historical sights. Actually we got involved a lot in what they were telling us, we aked them questions, which they were able to answer. I think the idea of mutual visits is perfect for making students integrated.

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