The Centenary of the Beginning of WWI

Presentations from Rome

Presentations from  Berlin

Berlin_Worl War I

Presentation from Málaga



First we are going to talk about why the first world war started.

There were many reasons one of them was the rivality between France and Germany, and Great Britain and Germany, because Germany took by force Alsacia and Lorena from France.

And the rivality between Great Britain and Germany was due to Great Britain being the first economic power until because Germany was becoming more and more powerful, encomically speaking.

But the main motive was that supposedly a serbian student murdered the future king of Austria Francis ferdinand and his wife.However it has always been suspected that the German Kaiser was behind this assassination.


This was a bad period in Spain.

The monarchy was loosing power against the republic.

The King Alfonso XIII was continued with the false democracy and that was one of the reasons why the people were fed up of the monarchy.

Another consequence of the false democracy was the creation of some political parties, like PSOE,PRR,PNV.

Different trade unions were striking in protest against the war, because they thought that the war was for economic reasons that affected the bourgeoisie and was not revelant to the working class.


Spain decided not to participate in the war for many reasons:

The first one was that Spain was at war against Morocco so it couldn´t stand another war.

In addition it was a good way to making money, selling war equipment and King Alfonso XIII wanted to increase his popularity because the republic movement was getting stronger.


Most people lived in the country but there were many people who were moving to cities in Vas Country and also to Barcelona to work in factories.

Moreover football and bullfighting were more popular than ever before, the spanish people were really poor and male chauvanist.

Spain was making a profit from the war but the money made was lost when the war finished because we couldn´t sell the weapons that we had made and were in stock, and that affected the well being of the spanish population.


The society during this period was really male chauvanist, women were always at home doing housework and rearing children.

One of the main reasons was the church, because the power of it was really strong in Spain and it has always been very male chauvanist.

Women got the right to vote during the second republic.


This illness started in France but its name is the spanish flu, it was one of the worst things that happened during this period, it affected many troops and it killed between 50 and 100 million people, the percentage of deaths was between 10 and 20 percent among those affected.


The economy was based on the iron ore and coal mining, and naval engineering.

Before the war we couldn´t sell our coal because it was very expensive to extract from the mines, but it was the only coal that the rest of Europe could buy, so were able to sell it with a high profit margin and furthermore we sold ships and submarines to the rest of Europe, especiall Germany.


At the begining the war was good for the spanish economy but at the end of the war we lost most of the money that we earned because we didn´t anticipate that the war was going to finish when it did.

The spanish people were poor and they couldn´t change their situation because the elections were manipulated as previously mention we had a false democracy.

The spanish industries went bankrupt after the war because all of them were based on armament and nobody wanted weapons after the war.

We think that the neutrality of Spain was good for us although we didn´t know how to make the most of the situation and truly benefit from it.

Presentations from Stockholm


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