Meeting in Paris

The first international meeting with full teams took place on 2-6 December in Paris.

The headmaster gives us a warm welcome at Lycee Jules Siegfried:Our host school in Paris     Greeting from the headmaster

The provisional plan for the meeting:



The morning of the first day was filled with students’ presentations on the topics. The form of their research varied greatly – from presentations using either Powerpoint or Wallwisher to films. After the lunch break the students formed four groups and so the hard work on the first chapters of the history book started. It involved using English for self-expression, lots of brainstorming, heated discussions and laughter. It was a process of learning on all levels.

Not only were the students hard at work on their given tasks but so were also the teachers busy sharing their competence and discussing ways of improving the general organisation of the workshops.

After four days of hard work at school followed by extremely interesting and educative sightseeing tours in various parts of Paris, the students certainly agreed on one thing  – it had been an incredible week of bonding, sharing and learning. Everybody was sorry to leave their new friends behind and had probably the best memories of the year to take home with them .

Students’ reflections

Vivian Melder from Tallinn: My week in Paris with the Comenius project was in a word spectacular. Paris, as the city, shocked me to my very core. It shocked me how much I loved it. I will definitely return in the future. Although, what was so unique about this particular trip was that we could interact with the local inhabitants themselves. See how they live their lives and compare it to ours back home. Believe me, they were worlds apart!

The project itself, working with students all over Europe, was a great experience as well. It was good to learn about different buildings that connect with amusement in different EU countries. Talk about trivia questions in the future, hello! But I think all the students will first and foremost remember the friends they made from different countries. Now I have at least one familiar face in all the cities that participated in the project. For example: Not all youngsters can fly to Rome and know that they’ll have a friend to say Ciao! whenever they go.

What could be improved about the project was pretty much summed up in the talk after the business part of the last day – being more organized. But thinking as Paris was the first stop in this Comenius project…….. We definitely have a lot of potential.

I thank everybody who granted me this oppurtunity and just wish I could see you all in the future. Thank you 🙂

Pille-Riin Pärn from Tallinn: My stay in Paris was an extremely pleasant one. My host was an Algerian family. They were very kind, helpful and always willing to do what I wanted. School was great. Although it was a bit hard putting together the first two chapters of the soon-to-be online history book because some students had not been fully prepared and some had different materials than others. Not that there are certain rules everyone has to follow, I´m sure things will go smoothly in Malaga.IMGP1141

Otherwise I had a very good impression of the school. The school was named Lycee Jules Siegfried. All the teachers were nice and extremely helpful. What amazed me about  the school was the fact that they had a three course meal. All in all, it was an amazing experience.

Sofia Calabrese- Rome

I couldn’t believe it: me in Paris for Comenius project 2013-2015!It was an emotional and educational experience. I have to thank my teachers; the idea of participating in the project formed in my mind after listening to their introduction. I love school when it includes studying, homework but also teamwork. I attend a classical lyceum and I really find the classic and modern mix charming. The Comenius project is just that: European students working together to write a European History Book in the only language that can unite us, English. The Meeting in  Paris was the first one. I prepared an interview with the widow of a Quadraro deportee’s roundup that happened on April 17th, 1944. I added photos and documents and sow it at Lycée Siegfried workshops. I stayed in the hotel with the teachers and another student, Viviana. During the week we visited Paris, went shopping, participated in the social dinner. But first of all, we met students from other schools, who I really hope to meet again. We keep in touch on facebook. Now the work goes on. We are preparing the topic for the next meeting in Malaga, where other students will go to. Sofia Calabrese from Rome

   sofia calabrese

Carlotta Fazzino – Rome

ell, first of all I have to say that it was the best experience that I’ve ever had so far. This happened thanks to my teachers and my school that cooperated with me and my classmates on this Comenius project. I decided to participate because I’ve always been interested in the European culture, and also because I knew that one of the cities that was involved in the project was Paris, la ville lumière. I’m in love with it. I went there three years ago and it was love at first sight. So, I was determined to go again, but I couldn’t figure out how, when I discovered that I was one of the four students who was supposed to go to Paris. I was really happy and finally  when we arrived there I was more than happy;  that’s because I found out that the girl who t had to host me was cute and sweet, her name is Sarah! I felt at home in her house and her parents were very kind with me. I speak a little French and this helped me to communicate with my French host, who was very happy about it! This experience was not only useful from a cultural point of view, but also because I met some great guys coming from six European countries. We got along very well!! I discovered also the French way of life, what they eat, how they study, what they do for fun etc. I was just thrilled during these days and the only part of this sort of vacation that I didn’t like was coming back home. I was very sad. I hope to see the wonderful people that I met in Paris again and to be even more active and participatory in this project because it is worthwhile


Elena Boresta – Rome

A Comenius Project is an amazing experience that I recommend to everyone for lots of reasons. First of all, I had the opportunity to visit a wonderful city that I’ve always loved, Paris. I couldn’t believe it and I was really excited, especially because I couldn’t wait to meet my host-girl. Her name is Surush and we spent a very good time together. I was really lucky. She was really nice and kind and her family as well. Being hosted in a family was a great opportunity to know the French lifestyle and visit the city not as a tourist but somehow as a citizen, and it was also a good way for me and Surush to improve our English. Someone might think “What is the difference between this project and a cultural exchange?” Well, the answer is simple: a Comenius Project doesn’t involve only one country! We were about forty students from six European cities: Rome, Paris, Berlin, Malaga, Krakow and Tallinn; it was beautiful and interesting to discover other customs and habits and see in which way they resemble and differ from ours. In the morning we went to school and we worked together to realize our project, which consisted in the creation of a European History Book, then we spent the rest of our time hanging out and exploring the city. I’m very glad I had the opportunity to have this wonderful experience and I have to thank my teacher and my schoolfellows, with whom I continue to work for this project.

boresta 2

Viviana Bernabei – Rome

From 2nd to the 6th December 2013, my friends and I had a great experience in Paris, thanks to the European Union, that created a project called “Comenius project” for European high-school students. This 2-years project was created to improve the cultural exchanges between the students of almost all of the European Union countries. It was really amazing to meet new people and to find new friends, from other countries, other cultures. In December, the project was done in Paris, in a French high-school. During this week we worked with the students from the other partner schools showing our presentations that had two main themes for all of us: “Revolution” and the “amusements”. After school, we visited a lot of places in the city, the centre, the monuments, the buildings, the streets…and it was all great and wonderful! It was a really good experience… I hope to have a new chance soon!



Weronika Rosa – Krakow
My experience of Comenius Project was amazing, I am sure it will be one of my special memories.
I met some great people and I miss them already. Its truly amazing that we could get to know other cultures. It made me want to discover all those countries. I definitely recomend this project to every young curious person. Thank you all for this experience, and I cant wait to the meeting in Poland.

Małgorzata Kordeusz – Krakow
I spent great time in Paris. It was a very interesting and informative trip. I met a lot of nice people whom I will never forget. I’ve learned from them about their country, culture, spent much of my time talking with them. Nevertheless in some moments I found it difficult to understand each other but we did our best to comunicate. Looking forward to seeing you in Cracow in 2015!

Miguel Romero – Málaga

Comenius is great experience for many reasons:
Firstly, you know the culture of other country and city. I went to Paris, a city where I had never been. I was very happy because I love french and culture french.
Next, you are in a house with your foreign friend, so you know a family and you can see theirs habits and you make a friendship with your foreing friend. Me, I was in a hotel, but other advantage is you know teenagers of other nationalities and you can make a friendship too.
Also you can practise English or other languages you know.
We develop the ability to work together and we learn to share ideas,reasonings and conclusions. Comenius help us to overcome the fear to talk in public.
Comenius has everything: Friendships,languages,cultures and experiences. An experience which I will never forget.

Belinda Roldán- Málaga

In my time in Paris, which was brief but intense, I met wonderful people. I returned to the memory of years ago, where I visited the same places with my parents and it was very emotional. I don’t rule it again! It wasn’t just any trip thanks to the Comenius project and Pierre, the French guy who hosted me there and who I will not be long in seeing again. Of all those wonderful people distinguish Thibault, who I have seen here in Málaga because he has been in my home one week thanks to Comenius, a few days but very funny. I will see him on my own in July, God willing! And my marks leave me, this will be my last year in high school and I will not do the Comenius project. Just add that thanks to those teachers who have made possible the participation of our school in this wonderful experience and to my parents because they reward me with their permission.



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