Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących Nr 2 – XI Liceum Ogolnokształcące im. Marii Dąbrowskiej w Krakowie – Poland

Maria Dabrowska High School in Krakow is the oldest high school in the industrial district of Krakow – Nowa Huta, which is also a poor, developing area of the city, with high level of unemployment and problems related to juvenile crime. The school was established in 1953. There are over 700 students from the urban environment and numerous surrounding villages. A number of students need special help due to the social environment they come from, or to the fact that their parents emigrated to find a job and they are cared for by other relatives.
Our main commitment is to combine tradition and modernity. The school is very well equipped with modern technology (modern computer labs, multimedia projectors, interactive whiteboards, internet class register). It has been granted many certificates. Among them a Certificate “Civis et Patria”, awarded by the Board of Education in recognition of activities which shape the identity of a younger generation and strenghten their bonds with their local community. Another is a certificate “School 2.0” awarded by the Civic Education Center for active participation in the project which involved the use of information and computer technology (ICT) in education and introduction of innovative teaching methods. We have also been awarded, as the only school in Krakow, with a prestigious certificate “Małopolska School with Passion” granted by the regional authorities. The school has open-minded and innovative teachers. In 2012 we received an eTwinning Badge Label from Euronews project.
Our school is also focused on international exchange. Our students have been taking part in the United Nations Youth Conference IMUNA in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. We organize many exchanges with schools, for example Muenster in Germany, Inendoorn in the Netherlands, Milan in Italy and Szolnok in Hungary.

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